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Pick and Drop Services in Dubai

Pick and Drop Services in Dubai

Besides renting luxury cars in Dubai, tourists can choose the pick and drop services available for any type of car. One can pick up a car from the mentioned place in the reservation and drop it in the same location or at the hotel, on request. Rolls-RoyceLamborghiniFerrari, Bentley, Audi, Mercedes or BMW are among the finest luxury cars we can provide for you, whether you are in Dubai for business or for pleasure. Information about how to benefit from pick and drop services and luxury cars for rent in Dubai can be obtained from our luxury car rental agents in Dubai.

 Details about the pick-and-drop services in Dubai

A proper means of transportation is essential regardless of the chosen city for travel. Pick-and-drop services are at your disposal as soon as you arrive in Dubai and until you leave the city. You can select your own luxury transportation by getting in touch with our consultants and you can pick up the car right from the airport at your arrival in DubaiRenting a Ferrari in Dubai or asking for a Rolls-Royce for rent in Dubai can complete your business image or level of adrenaline.
Additionally, when asking for pick-and-drop services in Dubai, you can also solicit a private chauffeur if you want to enjoy your trip and means of transportation in a stress-free manner. Our private transportation service wishes to make your journey as pleasant as possible and that is why you can always trust our luxury car rental services in Dubai.

We invite you to watch the video below about the pick-and-drop services we can offer in Dubai

Luxury cars for pick and drop services in Dubai

High-class facilities, luxurious vehicles, and proper services are at your request if you have decided for pick and drop services in Dubai. A Lamborghini for rent in Dubai can be ready for you at the moment you arrive in the exclusivist metropolis. If you want to taste a bit on the life of wealthy sheiks, we recommend you rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai or a special and luxurious Bentley, two of the most exquisite premium cars recognized worldwide. Having decided for pick and drop services in Dubai will allow our luxury car rental consultants to know details about your arrival and departure, in order to prepare your luxury transportation.

Those interested in renting a luxury car in Dubai should know that they have several options available. You can choose, according to your preferences, to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai. With approximately 740 HP, a Lamborghini offers impressive sensations on board to those who drive it. Try this car yourself and inquire about the prices by contacting one of our local representatives.

Choose the proper car for your holiday in Dubai

Our pick-and-drop services in Dubai are preferred by tourists who only want to visit the city in the most exclusivist way or by business persons who must link their professional image to a gorgeous and superior luxury car. Audi, BMW, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lexus, Jaguar, FerrariLamborghini, Range Rover, McLaren, or Pagani are ready to impress you from the very beginning of your trip. A great holiday in Dubai can be transformed into an even more thrilling one if you choose our pick-and-drop services in DubaiRenting luxury cars in Dubai regardless of the purpose of the visit may complete your requests and expectations in a city full of opportunities and high standards.

What types of cars can I choose for pick-and-drop services?

Our car collection is at your disposal if you decide on a particular type of service in Dubai. You can choose from cars like:

  1. Entry-level luxury cars like BMW 228i, BMW 3-Series, Infinity QX30, Lexus IS200t.
  2. Ultra-luxury cars like Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, and Maserati Quattroporte.
  3. Mid-size luxury cars like Acura TLX, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6, and Cadillac CTS.
  4. Premium compact cars like Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Lexus IS, and MINI Cooper.

Pick and drop services are adapted to the customer’s needs in Dubai in matters of transportation. Instead of dealing with all sorts of formalities and steps when arriving in Dubai, you can get in touch with us and tell us want would you like to drive in Dubai and what kind of services will serve you best. This is why, in many cases, pick-and-drop services are the proper facilities for tourists who like to cut the formalities and simplify the rental process by picking up the car from a specific place in Dubai. The same thing is available for dropping the car when leaving the city. Information about pick-and-drop services can be provided by one of our luxury car rental agents in Dubai, so do not hesitate to address your inquiries.

A Mercedes Benz for my visit to Dubai

Businessmen visiting Dubai have the opportunity of renting a beautiful Mercedes Benz, one of the most appreciated and admired luxury cars in the world. Its top facilities, design and amazing attributes place Mercedes Benz among the choices of people with sophisticated tastes. Your business image can be successfully completed by a rented Mercedes Benz for which you can ask for pick and drop services in Dubai.

This means that as soon as you arrive in Dubai, you can pick up your rented Mercedes and enjoy what’s best about this car: elegance, the highest comfort, utmost performance, top-class materials, reliability, confidence, a powerful engine, and a spectacular look. Feel free to ask our team about pick-and-drop services for your rented Mercedes Benz in Dubai.

Asking for a Rolls-Royce car – pick & drop services in Dubai

There is no doubt that Rolls-Royce is brilliantly engineering and above this, it is a luxury vehicle that most people dream of having the chance to see and drive. You have this opportunity by asking for pick-and-drop service, alongside a gorgeous Rolls-Royce for rent in Dubai. A trip to this marvelous city is for sure a great opportunity to visit a spectacular destination and also the chance to drive a luxurious car like Rolls-Royce and ask for pick and drop services. We suggest you talk to one of our representatives and find out more about our Rolls-Royce car collection that stands at your disposal if you are interested in renting such an amazing car in Dubai. Additionally, you can ask for the cost of pick and drop facilities in Dubai.

Pick and drop services for Lamborghini in Dubai

What about a sports car that turns heads in just a couple of seconds? This is how Lamborghini works anywhere in the world, particularly in Dubai where princesses and sheiks lavish themselves on board of fabulous cars like this. You can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and enjoy pick-and-drop services right from the airport, without any particular formalities. Lamborghini Gallardo and Lamborghini Aventador are well-known sports cars that in most cases need no further presentations. These amazing sports cars can be rented in Dubai if you give us a call or write an email. You can also ask for pick-and-drop services and drive an amazing Lamborghini right from the airport.

Interesting car facts

The automotive industry continues to develop at a high level all over the world. Many car companies have directed the attention to innovation, to clean energy and sustainable solutions to cut down the pollution as much as possible. There have always been curiosities regarding the history of cars and facts that you might find them interesting:

  • the first automobile was invented and developed in 1885 by Carl Benz, the founder of Mercedes Benz cars;
  • by the end of 2040, there will be approximately 2 billion cars in the world;
  • an interesting fact refers to around 95% of a vehicle’s lifetime which is spent parked;
  • a quarter of the world’s total cars is produced in China;
  • the first car was drawn on paper in 1478 by Leonardo Da Vinci. A replica is found now in Italy;
  • the world’s fastest police car is found in Dubai and it is a Bugatti Veyron that reaches 407 km/h;
  • compared to Toyota that produces 13,000 units every day, Ferrari only makes 14 cars/day.

You are invited to contact our team of luxury car rental representatives in Dubai for personalized offers and complete information about the pick and drop services in Dubai.