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Rent a BMW in Dubai

Rent a BMW in Dubai

Whether you are looking for a luxurious SUV, a sporty yet classy sedan or a head-turning coupé for your travels to Dubai, a BMW rental in Dubai is your ideal choice. The unique design, sporty character and f,amous powerful motor are the typical features of BMW cars. Our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai are pleased to present you with a prestigious fleet from which you can rent a BMW.

Our collection of luxury cars also includes very well-appreciated sports cars. A Lamborghini for rent in Dubai, for example, can be the ideal option for those who want to test this type of car. In addition, the prices are advantageous and the formalities quite simple, so you can enjoy your car at the time of your arrival in Dubai.

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Why is BMW such a trusted brand?

BMW has a broad history in automobile manufacturing and is one of the most recognizable and popular car brands in the world. The company is specialized in producing a highly differentiated range of sedan, convertible, SUV, coupe, executive, and luxury cars and focuses not only on impeccable aspect and excellent comfort but also on maximum performance. Here are some of the performances of the BMW cars

  • a horsepower ranging from 201 to 740 for their models fabricated between 1995 and 2013;
  • a top speed of 305 km/h to 375 km/h, reaching 100 kph in a time span of 3.2 seconds (2011’s BMW M3 Manhart Racing MH3 V8RS) to 4.15 seconds (2012’s BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane RRs);
  • a motor power ranging from 555 HP (2009’s BMW X6 M) to 1001 HP (2012’s BMW M6 G-Power Hurrican CS Ultimate).
  • 445 HP and a 4.4-liter V8 engine for BMW 7 series.

BMW 3 Series comes with attractive features

BMW 3 Series is now in the 6th generation where sedans, long wheelbase, hatchback, and station wagons are the available body styles on the market. With 248 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, taller gearing, efficient dynamics, engine improvements, sophisticated interiors and attractive exteriors, BMW 3 Series makes no compromises when speaking of power, performance, and stability.

There are 5 different engine options, including a plug-in hybrid that comes with the recent generation of BMW 3 Series, which allows customers to choose according to their needs. If you are interested in renting luxury cars in Dubai, we invite you to ask for information from our consultants. For business meetings and a flawless appearance, you can choose a BMW rental in Dubai.

BMW 3 Series is a striking car

The German car producer of BMW wanted to create a luxurious sedan with imposing aspects. The big launch of the BMW 3 Series took place in 1975 and the car replaced the old models of the 2 Series. The success was as expected, with the BMW 3 Series being welcomed all around the world. The accent was put on looks and performances with its generation of BMW 3 Series, coming with numerous upgrades like a four-cylinder diesel engine or multi-link rear suspension. BMW 3 Series was awarded 22 times by the Car and Driver magazine for the most significant performance car created in the last 25 years. As for the 2017s model, BMW added lightweight elements, an aerodynamic body, and numerous improvements to the braking system, that’s why now may be the best time for a BMW car rental in Dubai.

Renting a luxury car can be done depending on the events you have prepared in Dubai. For instance, business meetings also require a customized car, that’s why we recommend a Rolls-Royce for rent in Dubai. Great comfort and impressive features describe this beautiful car, which can be rented at affordable prices.

Why is BMW M4 a performant car?

BMW M4 is for sure a performant car if we analyze what’s under the hood:

  • 450 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds;
  • a V6 M TwinPower Engine (especially changed for the M4 model);
  • a standard manual gearbox found also on many BMW models;
  • carbon ceramic brakes as part of an improved braking system.

BMW M4 comes as a coupe and a convertible, each of them being adapted to the market’s desires with top technology. And still speaking of great cars, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and create your own beautiful experience in a city that offers a multitude of fun possibilities. You can opt for a BMW rental in Dubai if you plan some business meetings and you need to impress your partners.

Our collection of luxury cars also includes very well-appreciated sports cars. A Lamborghini for rent in Dubai, for example, can be the ideal option for those who want to test this type of car. In addition, the prices are advantageous and the formalities quite simple, so you can enjoy your car at the time of your arrival in Dubai.

The new BMW M4 CS to rent in Dubai

Made in limited edition, BMW M4 CS is a special vehicle created by BMW that combines a few elements from the GTS and the Coupe models. This sports car model benefits from a series of innovations among which, the carbon fiber components for more efficiency and excellent performance. With an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, 460HP, a very special design with a sporty attitude and double black grille, a new frontal splitter, and ceramic disc brakes, BMW M4 CS promises a unique and dynamic driving experience in any conditions.

The powerful and responsive engine is sustained by several performant components like the double clutch for sports mode to provide excellent performances on the road. Renting a BMW M4 is definitely a great choice for those dreaming of sports cars and remarkable driving skills. Feel free to ask our team about how you can rent a BMW M4 in Dubai.

The sporty attributes of BMW M4 to rent in Dubai

The sporty attributes are sustained by the exclusive elements like the M leather steering wheel, the driver-oriented cockpit center, plus the sporty seats also found on the coupe model of BMW M4. The doors, the handle, and the locking side panels in the shape of an ellipse and the decorative M stripes are very light, giving the car a special ambiance as a special edition vehicle needs. OLED lighting provides a homogeneous and extended illumination, helped by the 3D dynamic light effects to complete the car’s stature. 

Can I rent a BMW M4 with a private chauffeur?

Yes, if you want to lavish yourself in the back seat of a spectacular BMW M4 and discover Dubai step by step, you can decide and ask for the services of a private chauffeur. You’ll just have to make your itinerary and head right down the hot spots of the city and then enjoy a great ride provided by your personal driver.

The Emirates Towers, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Fountains, and Dubai Mall are only a few representative places you would want to see while enjoying a great car like BMW M4. Whether you are a sports car lover or you simply want to test such cars and get out of your comfort area, we recommend you direct your attention to a BMW M4 for rent in Dubai

Pick and drop services in Dubai

If you think of a holiday in Dubai and you need a proper means of transportation, you might want to solicit pick-and-drop services and information about the cars you can drive. A BMW M4 might be an excellent choice for your daily trips in the city, and you can simply pick the car straight from the airport to your hotel or any place in Dubai. Such services have varied benefits, and we mention that you can pick up your rented BMW M4 from the place you want and drop it the same location, as established with your reservation. Moreover, pick-and-drop services may come with a private chauffeur if you would like to sit back and relax in a beautiful car like BMW M4. Let our team of luxury car rental agents tell you more about our services and about how you can benefit from a personalized offer for BMW rental in Dubai.

Renting a BMW M4 for special events in Dubai

Tourists or residents in Dubai can ask for luxury car rentals for corporate events in the city. Every detail is extremely important, and if you would like to have an impeccable business image in front of your collaborators or clients, we recommend you rent a BMW M4 in Dubai and have no worries about your personal transportation in the city. Our luxury car rental services in Dubai are at the disposal of anyone who wants to impress from the very beginning with excellent taste in spectacular cars, among which, is the beautiful BMW M4.

Can I rent a BMW M4 for airport transfers in Dubai?

Yes, you can ask for airport transfers in Dubai and enjoy our special fleet of luxury cars which is at your disposal at any time, including BMW M4 rental in Dubai. It is important to know that you can benefit from complete luxury car rental services in Dubai and have no stress when arriving in this marvelous city. Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport are two important airports with international connections and host thousands of tourists on a daily basis. Instead of looking for a taxi and worrying about your luggage, it is suggested to make a reservation and solicit airport transfer services in DubaiBMW M4, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Audi, Infiniti, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Range Rover, Bugatti, Lexus, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Cadillac, Maserati, or Chevrolet are only a few of the luxury cars you can rent in Dubai. Also, feel free to ask for a private chauffeur, pick and drop services, airport transfers, and many more.

BMW M4 Competition Package

BMW M4 was launched in 2016 as a coupe and convertible model, but adrenaline lovers can choose the M4 Competition Package. This car proves that German producers can compete with big rivals who focus on sports cars. Revised suspensions for proper handling on the roads, lightweight seats, anti-roll bars, new dampers and springs, chrome tailpipes, and luxurious interiors are only a few of the car’s attributes. As for the performances of the BMW M4 Competition Package, we mention the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4 seconds.

What’s new on BMW M5 First Edition?

From the beginning, we would like to mention that BMW M5 is a perfect blend of executive and sports features. Elegant and imposing, BMW M5 has a 4.4-liter V8 engine, rear-biased setup, 600 HP, and an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission which helps the correct distribution of torque between the rear wheels for better stability, agility, and traction. Such attributes will help drivers test the sports features on an executive car like the new BMW M5 and reach 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. Just like most automotive brands in the world, BMW makes no exception when it comes to technology and performance:

  1. The lightweight attributes are also present on BMW M5 due to a very special material that improves the performance of this car: carbon fiber reinforced plastic or CFRP that reduces the car’s weight and lowers the gravity center.
  2. The TwinPower Turbo technology is also present on BMW M5, aligning the care with ultimate forces on the market or special sports cars that already embraced the innovative technology. 
  3. BMW M5 focuses on the driving experience with special features like park distance control, adaptive full LED headlights, and a dynamic digital instrument cluster that promises a stunning and unexpected driving mode that only a BMW can provide.
  4. BMW M5 First Edition is designed not only for competition but also for determination and boldness that are seen with every brand-new element implemented on theinar.

And still talking about powerful sports cars, we invite you to opt for a BMW rental in Dubai for the utmost sensations and unexpected thrills behind a car that in many cases needs no further introduction. Additionally, for people in love with deluxe, we recommend you rent luxury cars in Dubai.

Is BMW M5 ready for action?

Yes, with high-class design elements and an aggressive look, BMW M5 demonstrates that it is not just a car to drive from one place to another, it is the perfect equilibrium between emotions, performances, and special attributes, and therefore, ready for action. If you are looking for extreme agility and breathtaking drivability you cannot meet on a daily basis on every car, then BMW M5 is the perfect choice for you.

This amazing car is ready for action at any time, sustained by the attributes of the sport and 600 HP that takes the drive into a very special driving experience. Being inspired by M3, a previous and extremely appreciated BMW model, BMW M5 First Edition’s rooftop is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic for a lightweight sports model. We invite you to try a BMW car rental in Dubai.

The special interior of the BMW M5’s first edition

The car looks amazing on the inside and on the outside, making any driver proud and happy for his/her extreme and appealing choice. The comfort is definitely a plus, but the special design makes you want to dream more. The interior is made of excellent materials like Alcantara anthracite trims, lightweight M sports seats, optimized climate control, and a modern and outrageous sound system completed by a standard navigation system that offers anything you dreamed of in terms of technology.

Luxury cars for rent in Dubai are excellent choices for tourists who would like to enjoy a very special vacation where there is no need for compromises. You are invited to rent a BMW in Dubai and find out why this amazing car is a top choice for many people looking for the highest comfort and performance.

BMW M5 First Edition, an extraordinary car for no ordinary man

BMW M5 First Edition definitely turns heads wherever it might be, and there is no wonder it was made in limited edition: there are only 400 units and therefore 400 lucky owners who enjoy a well-made German car that made history from its very beginning. The M5 First Edition model is definitely an extraordinary car with a unique color: frozen dark red metallic.

The Sport exhaust system, full-leather upholstery with smoky-white tomes, the aesthetic and modern sporty lines, the multi-functional sporty seats, the deluxe inside elements, the light-alloy black wheels, the V8 twin power turbo engine, and the custom-made equipment for each BMW owner make the M5 First edition model unique and ready to impress from the very beginning. Let yourself be spoiled on board of BMW M5 First Edition and be ready for a brand-new driving experience in a city with lots of special possibilities. We wait for you with our offer for a BMW rental in Dubai.

Why is the new BMW M5 First Edition a special car?

The new BMW M5 comes in a stunning color: frozen dark metallic red. This unique color has been attentively selected to match the outstanding interiors made of quality fabrics as the car designers imposed such attributes from the beginning of the luxury brand. The light alloy wheels match perfectly with the overall stunning look of the car, making it even more luxurious, exclusive, and, without a doubt, perfect. A BMW M5 comes with three different modes of driving the quick one, the efficient manner, and the sporty mode.

Rent a BMW 6 Series in Dubai

Looking for elegance, deluxe, and opulence while in a city full of opportunities? We invite you to rent a BMW 6 Series in Dubai, a car that can be a special part of your exclusive journey. With 315 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds, BMW 6 series has the perfect characteristics of a luxurious car, where the utmost leather, entertainment features, and style blend perfectly.

Why is BMW 6 Series an elegant grand touring car?

315 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, and luxurious, daring, well-shaped, and dynamic are the main characteristics that come with the elegant BMW 6 Series. No matter if you choose the sedan model or if you wish to enjoy the beautiful BMW 6 Series Convertible, we guarantee that you will meet complete luxury and excellent techs like the iDrive infotainment system, brilliant interiors with deluxe fine leather, chrome surround, extended silhouette, complete safety system with lane-change warning and pedestrian detection. 

We remind you that you can opt for BMW rental in Dubai for exclusive events or special meetings in the city. Our luxury car rental services in Dubai are everything you need when searching for proper transportation in a city full of surprises and incredible architecture.

Short story of BMW 6 Series

The first generation of BMW 6 Series was launched in 1976, being the successor of BMW E9, with 218 HP and 222 km/h top speed. The second generation was put on the market in 2003 and was a luxurious vehicle with more accent on performances. Now in its third generation, BWM 6 Series seems to be more than just a luxurious car, with strong competitors like Audi A6 or Mercedes-Benz. As for the convertible version, auto experts say that it is a piece of art, designed for ultra-performance, due to the exclusive equipment which is an exceptional combination of dynamics, perfect sports lines, power, and stability on the roads. This is a German car made for special tastes and for people who simply wish to enjoy what’s best on the market.

Rent a BMW 7 Series in Dubai

A luxurious sedan with 445 HP, perfect stability on the roads, an attractive look, and great performance can only be a BMW 7 Series.  If you are in search of power under the hood, luxurious amenities, turned heads, and complete comfort behind the wheel, we invite you to rent a BMW 7 Series in Dubai. This car is definitely a great option if you have planned a corporate tour in Dubai or if you want to impress your associates with your great taste in cars. You can also rent a private chauffeur, together with BMW rental in Dubai, if you want to sit down and relax.

What makes BMW 7 Series an exceptional car

Rich driving enthusiasts will be pleased with the BMW 7 series, both for its luxurious cabin and its astonishing quickness when the road gets hard. Here are some interesting specs about BMW 7 Series:

  1. The 320 HP and the 3.0-liter turbo inline 6-cylinder engine is more than adequate, but the 445 HP and 4.4 liter twin-turbo V-8 engine really shoves.
  2. Rear-drive and an 8-speed automatic gearbox are regular.
  3. all-wheel drive is possible with the V8 engine.
  4. The interior grants you supreme comfort and is packed with high-class technology. 

We remind you that you are one step closer to transforming your vacation into a stunning one by choosing a BMW rental in Dubai, a fast and furious sports car that provides not only adrenaline but also the addiction to high speeds and enthusiasm which must be tested from time to time.

BMW 7 Series, the image of perfection and luxury

Without a doubt, the Germans know how to make good cars, and they prove this with each type of vehicle. The beautiful sedan is quicker than BMW X5 and offers exactly what customers are searching for: comfort, deluxe, stability, performance, and reliability. You can also count on the new features implemented on BMW 7 Series, such as battery control mode, auto drive, and the sports mode for happy clients in search of alternatives on the same vehicle. The auto builders presented the new BMW 7 Series last year.

You are invited to watch the video below for extra details about how to rent a BMW 7 Series in Dubai:

How BMW 7 Series 2018 look like?

A respected brand like BMW continues to focus on the main aspects which make clients confident and happy with their decisions. The new BMW 7 Series 2018 promises utmost elegance, and attractive shapes, alongside improvements like selectable drive modes, gas-pressurized shock absorbers, multi-link rear suspensions, and an overall prodigious look that will be observed instantly, but in just a few months.

Opulence comes in many forms. You can match your perfect vacation in Dubai to a BMW rental in Dubai if you want to taste a different kind of life or a different kind of emotion.

Long-term rental for BMW in Dubai

BMW 7 Series is available for long-term rentals in Dubai if you decide on driving this car for more than just a couple of days. This is the ideal vehicle that perfectly blends the ultimate technology with the astounding features and design that leaves anyone extremely surprised. There is no wonder that many business persons have one thing in mind when it comes to personal comfort and that is to lavish on board of a stunning BMW 7 Series available for long-term rental in Dubai. This is a luxurious sedan that can transform anyone’s vacation or business trip into an amazing experience, due to its great features, performance, and design. If you would like to rent a BMW 7 Series on long-term in Dubai, we recommend you get in touch with one of our luxury car rental agents in Dubai and discover the prices and the offers in this sense.

BMW 7 series for corporate tours in Dubai

Corporate tours in Dubai are preferred by companies or business persons who want to spoil their employees with exclusivist vacations and top facilities. In this matter, a BMW 7 Series can be the perfect option for corporate tours in Dubai. Your business requirements can be easily sustained by our luxury car rental services from which you can choose to rent a BMW 7 Series for corporate tours in Dubai. Make sure you address your requests in this sense to our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai who can offer in-depth information and support for renting a BMW 7 Series in Dubai.

Can I choose BMW 7 Series for pick and drop services in Dubai?

Yes, you can choose pick-and-drop services and drive a BMW 7 Series in Dubai at any time you wish. This can be the ideal facility for tourists in Dubai who want to skip any complicated formalities in matters of car hire because a BMW 7 Series can be picked up right from the airport, as soon as you arrive in Dubai. Pick-and-drop services in Dubai are chosen by tourists who want to benefit from top facilities and worry less about the means of transportation in this marvelous city. If you are interested in pick-and-drop services and a BMW 7 Series, feel free to get in touch with one of our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai and ask for complete support, information and assistance.

Can I rent a BMW 7 Series on short-term in Dubai?

Yes, you have the opportunity of renting a BMW 7 Series in Dubai in the short-term if you plan to stay for a couple of days in this amazing city. Short-term rentals are for people who want to have a proper means of transportation for the short visit to Dubai and enjoy the finest cars, among which, the spectacular BMW 7 Series. No matter the plans you might have in Dubai, make sure you have the proper means of transportation. You can always ask for the support of our luxury car rental agents in Dubai who are at your disposal if you want to know more about short-term rentals in Dubai and about how you can rent a BMW 7 Series.

Airport transfers and a BMW 7 Series in Dubai

Looking for airport transfers and a proper means of transportation as soon as you arrive in Dubai? You can explore our fleet of luxury cars and our facilities and choose the right service for your needs. For instance, the transfer from the airport to your hotel or event in Dubai can be made on board of a BMW 7 Series, a great car with an exclusivist package: elegance, highest comfort, remarkable design, top technology, and attributes.

In most of cases, these are the characteristics of a luxurious car, in the attention of any tourist or client when looking for the proper vehicle. You have the opportunity of renting a BMW 7 Series in Dubai and ask for airport transfers. For any request you might have, we recommend you get in touch with our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai and solicit the information you need.

Visiting Dubai on board of a beautiful BMW 7 Series

Dubai is known for its wealth, opulence, and luxury at every step and for sure will continue to amaze people for many years. A big city like Dubai can be visited from one corner to another, on board of a rented BMW 7 Series, a luxurious car that can be solicited from our fleet. You can spend some time at Deira Islands or you can go to Palm Jebel Ali.

Your to-do list for Dubai should also mention amazing places like Al Mamzar Park, the Mall of the Emirates, the Art District, Madinat Jumeirah, the Palm Islands, Dubai International Art Centre, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek Golf, the Emirates Towers, Jumeirah Beach, Bastakia Quarter or Burj Khalifa. Just make sure you have the proper means of transportation to visit all these amazing places and choose a spectacular car like the BMW 7 Series. Regardless of your reasons for visiting Dubai, feel free to ask for information about how to rent luxury cars in Dubai

We have gathered details and facts about cars that you might find interesting:

  • there are around 300 million vehicles in the USA, compared to 78 million in China;
  • approximately 80% of car parts can be recycled;
  • around 60 million vehicles are produced every year, all over the world;
  • about USD 4.8 million is the price for Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, the fastest street-legal car in the world;
  • driving a dirty car in Russia is considered a criminal offence;
  • back in 1938, around 38% of vehicles were electric and only 22% were gasoline-powered.

Short story of BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series is a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by the German automaker BMW since 1977. This type of vehicle is the successor to the BMW E3 “New 6” sedan and is presently in the 6th generation. The 7 Series is BMW‘s flagship car and is only accessible as an extended-length limousine or a sedan. The first generation 7 Series was powered by straight 6-cylinder petrol engines. In July 1986, BMW presented the second-generation 7 Series, also known as the E32.

Particular luxury options comprised incorporated telephone and fax machines, a wine cooler, a traction control system, double glazing, and a system that mechanically amplified spring force on the windscreen wipers to keep them hard-pressed on the glass at highway speeds.

The 3rd generation E38 was manufactured between 1994 and 2001. It was the first BMW 7 series available with a diesel engine and the first to have a 5-speed automatic transmission. The 6th generation of the 7 Series was exposed in 2015 at BMW‘s headquarters in Munich, Germany. In February 2016, BMW introduced the “iPerformance” model description, a feature that was given to all BMW plug-in hybrid cars this year in July. The purpose is to offer a visible pointer of the transfer of technology from BMW I to the BMW trademark. 

Can I rent a BMW Z4 in Dubai?

Yes, we invite you to rent a BMW Z4 if you are looking for a great sports car that can turn your vacation into a brilliant one. Perfection, power, and amazing look are among the most important features a convertible BMW Z4 has to offer once you have decided it is time to try something different. If you rent a BMW Z4 in Dubai you will enjoy a great car with 231 HP, dynamic shapes, refined lines, and complete control while feeling the wind on the road. BMW rental in Dubai is definitely a great option for those addicted to adrenaline, which is why we recommend you to drive a BMW Z4 and enjoy the outstanding city.

What makes BMW Z4 an outstanding car

The remarkable BMW Z4 Roadster, with soft mergers and two seats, has a folding roof and is one of the most wanted sports cars all over the world. With 231 HP, twin power turbo V6 cylinder engine, magnificent 7-speed sports transmission and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds, BMW Z4 combines dynamics with sportiness and great performance. One of the most known BMW Z4 is the E89 orange metallic model. The refined exterior and the high-class interior, created with superior leather fabrics, make BMW Z4 a desirable car.

Tourists in Dubai can rely on our luxury car rental services in Dubai, our team providing at any time details or information about our offers for BMW rental in Dubai.

A reinvented BMW Z4 for 2019

The new BMW Z4 is dynamic and compact and comes with three types of engine: sDrive30i with a 2-liter V4 engine, sDrive20i with 258 HP, and m40i with 3-liter V6 engine reaching 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and respectively 6.6 seconds. Each of the models respects the international standard emissions and confirms the fact that BMW Z4 is ready for adventure. Adaptive sporty suspensions, high-performance tires, and stunning colors (alpine white, Mediterranean blue metallic, San Francisco red, glacier silver metallic, and black sapphire metallic) are a few of the brand-new features of BMW Z4 in 2019. A sophisticated interior and a premium atmosphere blend perfectly with the elegance and the sporty attitude of BMW Z4.

The appealing exterior and interior of BMW Z4

Besides the inspiring colors made of non-metallic paint that match the beautiful attitude of BMW Z4, the car has a black rooftop, satin aluminum exterior trims, heated glass rear windows, and white side-turn indicator lenses. The sporty seats are special for the new model of BMW Z4 because the front seats are created with the memory system. The luxury features continue with a HiFi sound system, an HD radio, and special anti-theft systems for the integrated MP3 player. The auto builders wanted to transform BMW Z4 into an even more appealing sports car by concentrating on performance and complete comfort for a great roadster. 

How safe is a BMW Z4?

In matters of security and safety, the new BMW Z4 makes no exception meaning automatic safety-belt pretensioners, adaptive brake lights, programmable LED daytime running lights, side-impact airbags, and cornering brake control. Active knee protection, a rollover protection system, and a central locking system with double lock features are implemented in the car. Moreover, the new BMW Z4 presents an active protection system that can detect imminent accidents on the road and can activate the pretention belts and focus alerts. The frontal collision warning and the braking are part of the active guard system of the car. 

Renting a BMW Z4 for your personal delight

Visiting Dubai is definitely a one-time occasion that needs to be felt to the maximum. Discovering the city as a tourist may transform the simple visit into an incredible experience on board of a rented BMW Z4 in Dubai. The great beaches and the stunning roads are at your feet as soon as you come to Dubai and drive a beautiful BMW Z4. The feeling of freedom is for sure outlined by a great and performant sports car like this because it has all the attributes to send the driver and the passenger into a very appealing kind of movie where every dream comes true.

Renting a BMW Z4 in Dubai can rapidly turn into a special occasion that cannot be missed if you are looking for a different level of adrenaline in a city of opulence, wealth, and luxury. The new BMW Z4 is an irresistible force with a dynamic design and inspiring technology that connects the driver with the car in just a few seconds. Some say that driving a BMW Z4 is love at first sight with emotions that sometimes cannot be described. Tourists who decide on a trip to Dubai can get in touch with our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai and ask for information about BMW car rental in Dubai.

Long-term rental

A spectacular sports car like BMW Z4 might be everything you need for your vacation in Dubai, particularly if you want to discover the city in a convertible car. Reaching 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds and revealing all the sports attributes right from the first contact key place BMW Z4 among the preferences of tourists in search of a little bit of adrenaline and a sports car to match their desires.

BMW Z4 is not a car you can drive for just a couple of hours or days, it is a car that should be rented on long-term in Dubai, a car that satisfies even the most sophisticated taste. Our luxury car rental services in Dubai are at your disposal at any time, so it is quite easy to ask for a BMW Z4 for long-term rental in Dubai. All the formalities involved can be handled by one of our luxury car rental agents for BMW rental in Dubai.

Short story of BMW Z4

Unfortunately, BMW has closed the production line for BMW Z4. Rumors say that Toyota has a secret plan with BMW and nowadays are trying to bring back to life a brand new BMW Z4 roadster, named Z5.  The BMW Z4 replaced the old Z3 in 2002 and won the “Design of the year” award in 2009. The iconic models of BMW Z4 are the E85 and E89. The dynamic driving control button was added to decrease power steering assist, making this amazing car really stable on the roads for a convertible. BMW Z4 has a limited speed of 251 km/h and was sold worldwide, the U.S. being the number one of the top acquisitions.

Why is BMW 760Li a performant car?

The latest generation of the 6.6-liter V12 engine implemented on BMW 760Li makes this luxurious car a performant and powerful one, also considering the 602 HP that sustains the excellent attributes of this sedan. What’s hot on a BMW 760Li? Let us present to you the finest elements of such a deluxe vehicle:

  • a pair of turbochargers that sustain the powerful 6.6-liter V12 engine;
  • the 8-speed automatic transmission and the XDrive all-wheel system recently reviewed;
  • executive drive pro suspensions as the ultimate techs for a classy driving mode; 
  • smart all-wheel-drive system and proactive electronic anti-rollbars.

BMW 760Li is a perfect blend of sporty and tenacious attributes that describe best this luxurious vehicle you can rent in Dubai. Also, we invite you to choose a BMW rental in Dubai and enjoy such a marvelous car in the city of opulence and high class.

How is the sports mode for BMW 760Li?

The active valve-equipped and the addictive torque to upsurge the character of a BMW 760Li are part of the sport mode attributes. Some say that the sports mode of any BMW car is pure music, no matter how powerful the engine is.

Why should you rent a BMW 760Li in Dubai?

Renting a BMW 760Li in Dubai means enjoying a great German car, excellently designed and well-balanced to adjust to any roads you might choose. If you would like to impress your friends, partners or family, a BMW 760Li for rent in Dubai is definitely the best decision you can make, if you seek for comfort, performance, and a tremendous vacation. Lavishing a perfect vacation means having anything you dreamed of, so why not start pampering yourself with a BMW rental in Dubai?

What’s so special about BMW i3?

The carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic is the body material for BMW i3 and it was the proper solution for developing this electric car. The newly developed powertrain runs with 170 HP and there are many other attributes that make BMW i3 the top choice for driving an excellent car:

  • the beautiful BMW i3 reaches 100 km/h in approximately 7 seconds;
  • this electric car can be charged in around four hours;
  • the eccentric design is made of fine lines that highlight the beautiful and daring silhouette;
  • the leather and wood elements are blending perfectly with the curvy lines.

We invite you to talk to our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai and find out how you can rent a BMW i3 in Dubai and enjoy your vacation just the way you wish.

The recent model is breathtaking

BMW i3 entered the market in 2013 and since then the car producer continued to improve the model with top technologies, focusing mainly on the battery pack and the ways in which it can recharge faster. The carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, the upgraded electronic packages, plus the appealing navigation are a few of the stunning elements that are found in the astonishing BMW i3. Europe was the first market for BMW i3, and countries like Spain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, UK, and Italy registered substantial sales. The same goes for Canada and USA, two important territories that enjoy the concept of electric cars for many years.

Why is BMW i8 an amazing car to rent in Dubai?

The BMW producers focused on the future and the ways in which it can be improved from a driving point of view, and this is how the BMW “i” subdivision appeared. Because most of automotive companies are concentrating on electric cars, BMW also aligns with the requirements on the market, plus with the EU directives for the environmental protection, and the result is the amazing BMW i8 which comes with a series of elements and daring attributes:

  • it has 2 electric motors that offer 139 HP and a top speed of 250 km/h;
  • the bold BMW i8 reaches 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds;
  • aluminum is the main material of the car’s chassis;
  • a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder gas engine is also available on the car.

BMW i8 for rent in Dubai is at your disposal if you would like to test a very special sports car that matches the city’s ultimate attractions. On the other hand, if you would like to attend special meetings in the city, we invite you to opt for a BMW rental in Dubai and find out why this car is so special and extremely elegant.

The BMW i8 SPORT mode

Want to feel shivers down your spine while driving the very best sports cars available on the market? It is time to meet BMW i8 and its spectacular SPORT mode. The gear selector is used manually instead of the automated one, changing the suspension settings to deliver nothing but the highest performance. The maximum energy is activated in the SPORT mode and the battery recharges with the help of the kinetic energy. These are only a few of the attributes of the SPORT mode of BMW i8 we invite you to test as soon as you decide on renting such an amazing car.

Why should I rent a BMW in Dubai?

Renting a BMW in Dubai is actually the ultimate comfort you cannot miss while deciding on a great trip in this city. Whether you have business attendings or you simply want to have a great time on board of an amazing vehicle, a BMW for rent in Dubai can be the first option for you. Information about our deluxe fleet of BMW cars can be offered by our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai at any time.

A BMW car for your personal lavishness

Without a doubt, BMW cars are among the high-class vehicles which rapidly gained the attention of customers on an international scale. The luxurious attributes make nothing else but place the car brand on top of reliable, confident and elegant vehicles worldwide. SUVs, sedans, or convertible BMWs stand at your disposal whenever you would like to experience something new and to discover whether you like a powerful SUVs or the hot-looking coupe models from BMW. The refreshed concept of BMW for 2018 mostly refers to new cozy seats, luxurious cabins made of top quality leather and wood, and the latest technology for a clear purpose: lots of comfort, flexibility, and complete connectivity between the driver and its stunning BMW.

Short-term rentals for a BMW in Dubai

Besides long-term rentals in Dubai, one can ask for short-term rental cars and choose just the right vehicle for his/her needs in the city. Short-term rentals refer to the possibility of driving a car for just a couple of days in Dubai, compared to long-term rentals that might be subject to more than just a few days or weeks. Such services are preferred by many clients who are looking for a great means of transportation for a couple of days. A BMW for rent in Dubai can be a suitable option for those who want to spend a few days in the city and still want to benefit from lavishness and the highest comfort by renting a luxury car like BMW. Let one of our representatives take care of your requests in this matter and give you just the right type of services for your needs.

BMW cars for corporate use

It is a known fact that BMW cars are extremely luxurious and chosen not only for great performances but also for the highest comfort and confidence that brings joy everything such a car is selected. These are among the reasons why a BMW car is often chosen for corporate use in Dubai. A flawless image when attending an important event can be attached to renting a BMW for corporate use in Dubai. Also, if you want to compensate your employees with top facilities and great comfort, a rented BMW for corporate use can be an excellent and ideal option in your case. You should only deliver us your requests and let us take care of all the formalities involved. You can also tell us if you are interested in airport transfers or pick & drop services in Dubai.

Short History of BMW

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, German for Bavarian Motor Works, is a German luxury vehicle, motorcycle and engine producing company established in 1916 and the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. BMW is currently one of the best-sellers luxury car manufacturers in the world. After playing an important role in aircraft engine production before World War I and producing motorcycles until 1923, BMW produced their first car in 1930, the Dixie, which launched the company in the automobile production industry. 

The circular blue and white logo of BMW evolved from the circular Rapp Motorenwerke company logo (its predecessor from the aircraft manufacturing days), combined with the blue and white colors of the Bavarian flag. The logo has been described as the movement of an aircraft propeller with the white blades cutting through the blue sky. It was used for the first time in an advertisement in 1929, twelve years after the roundel was created. In June 2012, BMW was named the number one most trustworthy company in the world by Forbes.

Rent a luxury car in Dubai and choose to drive in style throughout your fabulous vacation, impress your business partners with your exquisite taste and make an unforgettable entrance to an elite party or social event. Whether you are looking for a sporty sedan, a spectacular SUV, a posh convertible or a luxurious executive vehicle, our luxury car rental services in Dubai are at your disposal.

Luxury cars in Dubai – why choose our services

Renting a luxury car in Dubai can be an excellent option for anyone looking for personal comfort and dedicated services. The main purpose is to help you feel as comfortable as possible by offering you only top services and a wide collection of cars to choose from:

  • BMW rental in Dubai for those wanting top quality services;
  • Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai for those wanting to test their adrenaline level;
  • Mercedes for rent in Dubai for people understand the importance of comfort and confidence;
  • Lamborghini cars for rent in Dubai for those who want to try something different while enjoying the city of Dubai.

Our luxury car rental services in Dubai are at affordable prices and address anyone wanting a proper and terrific means of transportation in Dubai, taking advantage of a wide range of facilities in one place. We remind that our luxury car rental services in Dubai are subject to fast formalities, and more than that, you can choose your rented car right in front of your computer before arriving in Dubai. You can also benefit from the complete support provided by one of our luxury car rental agents in Dubai who can help you rent a BMW car, for example.

If you need more information regarding renting a BMW in Dubaicontact our luxury car rental consultants.