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Rent a McLaren in Dubai

Rent a McLaren in Dubai

McLaren begins its history in 1963 as a sports and luxury car brand designed by a well-known race pilot, Bruce McLaren. Some say that driving a McLaren can be the unique experience which cannot be compared to something else one should try no matter the costs. You have the chance to rent a McLaren in Dubai and explore unthinkable feelings offered by an appreciated car. Our luxury car rental consultants in Dubai are pleased to provide you with the necessary information about our exclusive fleet of luxury cars for rent in Dubai.

Why is McLaren a stunning car to rent in Dubai?

McLaren car for rent in Dubai can be your truly delightful first experience, where those 575 HP will make their presence felt each time you decide to know the car better. The meeting with such an amazing car starts with the spectacular design to admire and continues with discovering the powerful V-8 engine, the carbon fiber structure, the three driver-selectable powertrain modes, the controlled rear window, and the great cabin where the utmost fabrics can be seen from one corner to another in a perfect blend of the chosen colors for the exteriors. McLaren models like the 675LT Spider, 540 Coupe, P1, or 650S Can-Am are among the outstanding variants the company feels great about them from the moment they entered the market.

Continuing in the same manner, let us remind you that you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, one of our top sports cars which pleases even the most sophisticated tastes. Our luxury cars for rent in Dubai are at your disposal, whether you want a proper means of transportation from the airport to your accommodation, or simply wish to enjoy a great car in a marvelous city like Dubai.

Sports cars are highly valued for their specifications and design. This category also includes Lamborghini for rent in Dubai, an option at your fingertips. Your image can be completed by such a car, especially for the prestigious events you have in the city. In addition, the prices are advantageous and can be detailed for you by one of our agents.

McLaren 675L, the jewel of the brands’ crown

Each company has that special product of which is proud. In our case, McLaren considers that the jewel of the crown is the 675L Spider model, a beauty on four wheels made in 500 units. With longtail airbrake, drive engagement, controlled rear window, 575 HP, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, McLaren 675L Spider is considered by numerous auto experts and customers as a sports car with extreme performance, stability, comfort and complete confidence. No wonder a driving experience with a McLaren 675L is defined as a unique intensity on board of a car considered perfect from many points of view.

McLaren P1 was meant to surpass the expectations

If you are looking for that Formula One feeling only pilots taste on the rack tracks, it is time to meet McLaren P1, a fast car with a performant motor engine, steady on the roads and ready to offer extreme sensations behind the wheel. The inspiration comes from the Formula One races and from its predecessor which conquered the roads 20 years ago. The technical innovation is properly combined with the carbon fiber technology implemented on race cars, but with special features to act like a road car.  We can say that a McLaren P1 is a spectacular masterpiece where all features and pieces blend flawlessly in bodywork made with special attention to detail. We remind you that if you want to rent a luxury car in Dubai, our consultants can offer complete information in this matter, in order for you to choose the special car you’ve always dreamed of.

Would you like to know more about the McLaren cars for rent in Dubai? Please watch the video below: 

Long-term rental McLaren

McLaren is one of the most appreciated sports cars in the world, adapted to the road requirements and having Formula 1 technology under the hood. Who wouldn’t want to drive such a car for more than just a few days?  You have the chance to talk to one of our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai and find out more about how you can rent a McLaren on long term in Dubai. You can simply pick up your car right from the airport, as soon as you arrive in the city and drive it for more than just a few days or weeks. Let us take care of all the formalities and help you get your car with all the needed services: airport transfers, pick and drop services, corporate travels, corporate use, or any other special occasion that might arise during your holiday. All the terms and conditions for renting a McLaren for long term in Dubai can be explained by our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai.

McLaren P1 is a car that pushes the limits

According to history, the McLaren Formula One cars are the first ones made of carbon fiber and the vehicles which inspired many auto builders to create performant automobiles with low weight. With 727 HP, a hydropneumatic suspension, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds and outstanding shape, McLaren P1 is a successful replacement for the Formula One version, but with complete performances and features of a road car. Even though you might not hear the engine, believe it, it is there and has amazing power. And still speaking of outstanding cars, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and enjoy a good ride while exploring the special city.

Why drive a McLaren P1 in Dubai?

Once you get the occasion of driving a great sports car, you might not want to miss it for anything in the world, especially if a McLaren P1 is served. This car is fast, reliable, outstanding, and ready to transform a normal ride into an unthinkable one where the lithium-ion battery, the performant electric motor, and the lightweight of the car perfectly blend in a competition vehicle known for its interesting performances way back in history. You can get attracted by the boost button which offers the power of a gas engine, or you can use the instant power assist system which provides no more than 903 HP and offer you the feeling of a Formula One race car.

Short story of McLaren

McLaren starts its way through history in 1963 as the sports car invented by Bruce McLaren, a well-known pilot from New Zealand with special visions about how a great car should look like. The logo of the car was at the beginning a kiwi fruit which is why in those times, a McLaren was nicknamed “Speedy Kiwi”. As for the color, papaya orange was the special tone for the McLaren cars which entered the market. With numerous improvements during the years, like increased power or stunning driving dynamics, McLaren rapidly became an icon, a wanted sports car that is nowadays seen in Formula One races held all over the world.

The sports variants of McLaren continue to amaze nowadays, as the car producers focused on new levels of engagement, independent adaptive dampers and complete refinement for track races and roads. Let yourself be amazed by a rented McLaren in Dubai and see for yourself why this special vehicle has had no rival for more than 50 years, as the sales speak in the name of the company.

If you are interested in renting a McLaren in Dubai, please consider that our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai can help. Additional details and information about our luxury car rental services in Dubai can be obtained if you contact us.