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Rent Lexus LS in Dubai

Rent Lexus LS in Dubai

Lexus LS is a blend of adrenaline-charged performance and visionary revolution. Its powerful engine delivers a supreme drive experience, while its technically advanced characteristics offer a multitude of modern facilities. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can provide you with information and assistance if you want to rent a Lexus LS in Dubai. You also have the possibility of renting a luxury car in Dubai, at any time, to meet the requirements of your private meetings or special moments part of your holiday in the city. And for top adrenaline and a special kind of experience you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai.

What makes Lexus LS an outstanding car

With 386 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds, Lexus LS can deliver amazing feelings behind the wheel and can undertake every pretentious taste. You will also be surprised by the following attributes:

  1. The next best thing when you drive a Lexus LS in Dubai is the luxurious and expansive rear seats. 
  2. The all-wheel-drive Lexus LS prototypes offer superior power and control during acceleration and cornering in all types of weather. 
  3. The accessible four-zone climate concierge checks and modifies the temperature of four diverse climate areas. 
  4. Available illumination is quite intelligent and it reacts to other drivers in traffic.

We invite you to discover and benefit from the luxury car rental services in Dubai if you wish a stress-free holiday and an incredible driving experience in a city full of opportunities and amazing things to explore.

Lexus LS in 2018

Because this full-size luxury car was a great success, the auto builders wanted to improve the performances of such a car and to prepare the customers for a brand new deluxe experience. Lexus LS 2018 is for sure a cool car, extremely powerful and with a redesigned line to meet the requirements and wishes for this year. The Global Architecture-Luxury platform has been improved and it represents a new sheet metal version for a dramatic and appealing look and a long-wheelbase form to compete with cars like Audi, BMW or Mercedes. The modern technology related to the engine of the car offers a new driving experience because it is a V6 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged and offers the power of 415 HP. As for the cabin technology, you’ll just have to prepare your smartphone, your great music, and your good mood before driving in style in Dubai.

When it comes to your personal comfort, make no compromises and enjoy a good ride. You can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai and explore the city from a different angle.

Lexus LS in 2019 

Lexus LS is a work of art in 2019, as the designers concentrated on high performances to create more than just a car. Today’s model of Lexus is a luxury sedan with a low center of gravity, and an improved Adaptive Variable Suspension to adapt to the requests and expectations in the automotive sector. The good-looking headlamps are a mix of elegance, safety, and sophistication, putting the accent on the complexity and modern lines in 2019. The same goes for the interiors of Lexus LS in 2019 as the executive class seats describe in a perfect picture the deluxe feeling while driving this masterpiece.

And for a specially tuned suspension, you can decide on the sports seats and discover the magical driving of a Lexus LS in 2019. No matter the scope or purpose you might have in Dubai, you should ask for renting a Lexus LS in Dubai and benefit from top services while driving one of the most expensive cars in the world. Above all, we mention that the new Lexus LS enjoys a new generation of surround sound audio systems signed by Mark Levinson, a pioneer in music and related audio systems.

If you have planned business meetings or other special events, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai. A special car like this will not let you go unnoticed. And to find out details about the related prices, as well as the services offered, you can find them from our local agents.

Lexus, the most trusted luxury brand in the world

Enjoying luxury in every step starts with a beautiful Lexus LS, a deluxe brand preferred by top-class businessmen from around the world. The spacious and comfortable cabin, the welcoming and luxurious seats and board describe the first feelings when entering and touching a beautiful Lexus LS which is available for rent in Dubai at any time you decide. Lexus is a luxurious brand which conquered a specific market and clients by providing nothing but the finest details and impressive amenities by putting the accent on total luxury from the very beginning. There is no wonder that seeing a Lexus LS on the streets makes you want to drive such fine jewel on four wheels. The reasons are multiple and the moment is for sure special because a Lexus car defines the perfect qualities, the extravagance, and the opulence without overreactions in this sense. Knowing the desires and executing the hot thoughts in such a special car is related to the ways in which Lexus LS created its image of a luxury brand on an international scale.

Renting a Lexus LS for corporate purposes in Dubai

If you are looking for perfection and complete extravagance, it is time to rent a Lexus LS and start your adventure. A corporate trip can be completed by a beautiful Lexus LS which is at your services at any time you decide on traveling to Dubai. Getting out of normality and daring to dream more may start on board of a Lexus LS, a luxurious car which can be rented for corporate travel in Dubai. There is no need to think if such a car is appropriate for your business affairs in Dubai because a Lexus LS presents all the  qualities you are looking for: comfort, enough space to feel excellent, an amazing interior made of finest upholstery and premium wood trim details, a stunning audio system, a well-made touchpad infotainment system.

Long-term rental 

Lexus LS is quite appreciated for its stunning appearance and excellent performances, it is a very luxurious car you can rent on long-term in Dubai. Whether you are interested in the latest model or you wish to drive an old one, make sure to tell us your preferences right from the start and let us recommend you our very best from our car fleet. Also, those wanting to relax a little bit more and worry less about traffic and things like these are recommended to ask for the services of one of our private chauffeurs. Let our luxury car rental agents in Dubai tell you more about our luxury car rental services we can offer, among which, renting a Lexus LS for long-term in Dubai. Additional services like renting a Lexus LS for corporate purposes or airport transfers are at your disposal at any time. 

Technical details of a Lexus LS

302 HP, the variable automatic transmission, the dynamic control shocks, the 3.5-liter V6 engine, the 0.29 aerodynamic drag coefficient and 6.6 seconds for reaching 100 km/h are a few technical information which can describe in short terms the performances of an outstanding Lexus LS. The multilink rear suspension with the trailing arm, the gas-pressurized shock absorbers, the four-wheel disc brakes, the electronic brakeforce distribution, and the electronic power steering or the EPS system are implemented on the new Lexus LS found on the market starting with 2019.

Why you should rent a Lexus LS in Dubai

The answer is quite simple for this question because it is a unique opportunity to discover why is Lexus one of the most luxurious cars in the world. Experiencing the deluxe amenities of a Lexus LS in Dubai should definitely be found on the to-do list as soon as you decide for a trip to Dubai. Moreover, if you would like to rent a deluxe car to match the requirements and the opulence of Dubai, then Lexus LS represents the perfect option for you. Also, you can benefit from pick and drop services and get your Lexus right from the airport with fewer formalities involved. You can also ask for a private chauffeur of you would like to sit back and relax in a beautiful, spacious and luxurious Lexus LS, a sedan that provides nothing but incredible feeling as soon as you see it. Let yourself impressed by one of the most venerated and appreciated vehicles in the world and enjoy the fine ride of a Lexus LS in Dubai.

Short story of Lexus LS

Lexus LS is a full-size luxury car working as a high-class model of Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer. The first model developed by Lexus, the LS 400 was introduced in January 1989, with the second generation launched in November 1994. Now in its 4th generation, all Lexus LS models have V8 engines and rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, hybrid, and long-wheelbase alternatives. The expansion of the Lexus LS started in 1983 as the F1 project, the code name for a top-secret leading sedan. The next sedan obtained a 5-year design process, with costs over US$1 billion, and was assembled with a brand-new V8 engine and many other luxury attributes. 

The original LS 400 started with powerful sales and was principally responsible for the positive introduction of the Lexus brand. Lexus LS is nowadays on top sales in its category, as a flagship luxury sedan, being surpassed only by gigantic rivals like Audi, Jaguar or BMW.

Lexus ES350 matches with the opulence of Burj Al Arab

mid-size luxury car like Lexus ES350 stands as a business card or as that special piece which completes an impeccable image. With 268 HP, Japanese top technology, amazing design and a special drive model selection from which you can choose the sports one, Lexus ES350 is a luxury car which most customers find attractive and performant. Would you like to visit Burj Al Arab, the 7-stars hotel? Let us help you rent a Lexus in Dubai, in order to have an exquisite and pleasant driving experience on your way there.

Furthermore, we suggest you rent a Ferrari in Dubai and get ready for feelings never met before. Our luxury car rental services in Dubai are at your disposal, no matter the purposes of your stay in the city.

Lexus NX, the synonym to sophistication

The urban design and the sports features of Lexus NX help everyone who wants to get out of anonymity. This revolutionary model of Lexus comes with the recent and complete hybrid technology for refinement and top performances, as the Japanese company intended from the first place. With 235 HP, dynamic cruise control, comfortable seats, deluxe cabin, aggressive yet pleasant look, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in about 8 seconds, Lexus NX perfectly mixes luxury features with excellent performances to deliver pure thrills. We recommend you to rent a Lexus NX in Dubai and visit the well-known places in the city, including Burj Al Arab, one of the finest hotels in the world.

It is good to know that Burj Al Arab (the tower of the Arabs) was designed by a British architect who wanted to create the highest building in the world. Tom Wright, the architect in charge of this amazing project accomplished most of the mission because Burj Al Arab is now considered one of the highest hotels in the world, with 321 meters.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our luxury car rental consultants if you want to rent a Lexus LS in Dubai.